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Artwork of Ferrus






Ferrus is an energetic character from Spirit Tracks. He is fascinated by trains, and travels around New Hyrule to try and find different trains. When he finds trains that he deems intriguing, he takes out his camera and begins to take several snapshots of the trains he sees. He claims to be Alfonzo's number one fan and he inspired him to dedicate his life to trains. He is also autistic, and is hyperfixated on trains.

Link first meets Ferrus in the Snow Realm near Wellspring Station around the tracks, taking pictures of the Spirit Train. His house can also be found at the Wellspring Station. He sends Link three letters with a picture. Link has to find out where they have been taken, and pick Ferrus up. The first location is the track above Snow Sanctuary. The second location is north of Goron Village, and the last one is south of the Forest Temple.


  • The walls in Ferrus's home are lined with model trains.
  • The table in Ferrus's home has a train set with the Spirit Train on it.