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Honcho is the leader of the Anouki in Anouki Village in Spirit Tracks.[1] He plays a relatively minor role in the game. When Link arrives at the Anouki Village and speaks to Honcho, the disheveled leader informs the hero in green that he is pairing the villagers up for work.[2] Each Anouki, however, has specific requirements for who they want to be paired with.[3] [4] Once Link completes this task, Honcho informs Link how to arrive at the Snow Sanctuary.[5]

When a doppelganger assumes his role while he is away, Link delivers a Goron to stay at Honcho's hut.[6] [7][8] When the true Honcho returns, he complains about being homeless.


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  2. "So I don't really have time to yak it up about goin' to the Snow Sanctuary. But I might be able to chat more if you'd help this old- timer organize some teams. What do you say, pal? [.]I'm on it![.]I can't." — Honcho, Spirit Tracks.
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  5. "Oh, right! I was so jazzed about gettin' the teams together, I almost forgot. Ya were tryin' to make your way out to the Snow Sanctuary, weren't ya? Meetin' with Steem, right? Well it's a pain to get there, but here's the deal. The good news is that the Snow Sanctuary isn't all that far from here. The bad news is that the only way there is outta commission.[.] Technically speakin', the tunnel that goes there is still intact... But no one's used it since that ginormous monster moved in a few years back. See, us Anoukis are thinkers, not monster fighters. But I can tell you're cut from different cloth than us! Sturdier cloth! Sure, the tunnel to the Snow Sanctuary is scary, but you can handle it! Here's the entrance. If ya decide to use it, be careful in there, OK? You're a good guy. I'd hate to see ya get hurt. Plus... I'd look like a doof if it got out that I showed ya how to get there![.][.]" — Honcho, Spirit Tracks.
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