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The fifty Rabbit locations in New Hyrule



In all regions of New Hyrule



Rabbits are found throughout the kingdom of New Hyrule in Spirit Tracks. Link finds that there are a copious amount of Rabbits dispersed in the Overworld of the game. As a side quest, Link can collect all fifty of the Rabbits in exchange for Rupees, a Heart Container, and the Swordsman's Scroll. Link can only capture Rabbits once he has obtained the Rabbit Net from the owner of the Rabbitland Rescue.

Catching Rabbits

How to Catch Rabbits

Using the Rabbit Net.png

While traversing New Hyrule, Link can find many different Rabbits in each realm of the kingdom. When Link finds one hiding behind a boulder, barrel, or other object, he can destroy the object from in front of the Rabbit using the Cannon and start a mini-game where Link has to use the Rabbit Net to capture the Rabbit before it flees. The Rabbit hops around for ten seconds before fleeing if not caught.[1] Link uses the stylus on the DS touchscreen to control the Rabbit Net.

Rabbit Locations

There are ten Rabbits in each realm, including the Forest Realm, Snow Realm, Fire Realm, Ocean Realm, and Sand Realm. When Link captures a certain amount of Rabbits (5, 10, 50, or one Rabbit from each realm) he can then bring them to the Rabbitland Rescue owner in exchange for prizes.


  1. "When driving around, you might see a bunny peeking out from behind something. If you spot one, blow your whistle. The rabbit will jump and be easy to spot. When you see that, blast whatever the bunny's hiding behind with your cannon! The rabbit will try to run from you, but only 'cause it likes being chased! And then the hunt is on! Once the hunting starts, you'll automatically pick up your net. Then just focus on tapping the rabbit with the right timing to catch it! If you're careful, you'll have an adorable bunny in hand before you know it! But if you fail to catch it, that rabbit will run off before long. Hopefully you followed that long explanation of mine? [.]Sure did.[.]Not at all." — Bunnio, Spirit Tracks.