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Miniblins from The Wind Waker





Miniblins are common enemies and members of the Moblin race in The Legend of Zelda series. They run around almost aimlessly trying to attack Link with their spears, pitchforks, and other various weapons. They are usually seen in hordes or packs, and are found in almost every dungeon.


The Wind Waker

These little creatures like to poke you with little trident-like weapons, and aren't very much of a threat, but they are very annoying. Following a stab at Link, the Miniblin will guffaw allowing Link to strike back and defeat it. The All-Purpose Bait distracts the Miniblins as they swarm around it, allowing Link to escape and proceed freely. The most effective methods to dispatch of Miniblins are through the Spin Attack, Hurricane Spin, or Skull Hammer.

Phantom Hourglass

Much like the Miniblins in The Wind Waker, these creatures are more of an annoyance than a threat. They can be found almost everywhere, but mostly on the Isle of Gust. Defeating a group of Miniblins will conjure a Red Rupee. Sporadically, they will board the S.S. Linebeck. Defeating them will generate a random amount of Rupees.

Spirit Tracks

The Miniblins are at their most cunning in Spirit Tracks. They attack Link's Spirit Train in Tanks and Cannon Boats. During one occurrence, when Link is transporting Carben to the Ocean Sanctuary, Miniblins board his Spirit Train initiating a duel with a Big Blin as their leader. A mini-game in the Pirate Hideout revolved around dispatching the maximum number of Miniblins in the allotted time.

Occasionally, Miniblins are seen on top of Armos, which is most common in the Tower of Spirits. Link cannot reach this Miniblins normally, but when he is standing on top of the phantom's shield, Link will be able to strike these higher miniblins.