Kakariko Village Shop

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Kakariko Village Shop
Outside of the Kakariko Village Shop




The Kakariko Village Shop is a small shop found in A Link to the Past. It is located in the southwest portion of the Kakariko Village and is west of the Kakariko Inn and east of the Mysterious Hut. The Kakariko Village Shop is the only store in the village and is always open.[1] Cuccos can be found outside of the shop that are cared for by Sahasrahla's Grandson.

Inside, the Hooded Shopkeeper sells Red Potions, Bombs, and Recovery Hearts to Link.[2] While the Magic Shop sells Red Potions for 120 Rupees, the Hooded Shopkeeper at the Kakariko Village Shop sells potions at an increased price, being 20 Rupees more.

Item Name Cost (Rupees)
Medicine of Life 150
Recovery Heart 10
10 Bombs 50



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