Island Palace

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The Island Palace is the third palace in The Adventure of Link and can be found on an island south of the Harbor Town of Mido. It is accessed via a secret passage found directly south of King's Tomb, which requires the Fairy Spell to successfully traverse. Once inside, Link must locate the Raft and defeat Rebonack, a mounted Blue Iron Knuckle. Victorious, Link may place another of the Crystals.



Main article: Rebonack

To defeat Rebonack, the mounted Iron Knuckle, Link must have acquired the Downward Thrust technique from the knight in Mido. After Link successfully forces Rebonack to dismount from his horse after downthrusting him as he charges, he must defeat the knight on foot.

The Raft

Main article: Raft
AOL Raft.png

The Raft has one indispensable use: to carry Link to Eastern Hyrule and the second half of Link's quest.