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Dragon sprite from Zelda (Game & Watch).





Bomb (Game Watch)
Sword, Tomahawk (Game & Watch)


The Dragons are bosses in The Legend of Zelda Game Watch and Zelda (Game & Watch).


Game Watch

The Dragons are level bosses. To defeat the Dragons, Link has to collect a Bomb and place it in front of them. 50 points are awarded after Link defeats this enemy. A Triforce fragment will also appear, giving Link access to the next dungeon. After collecting all four pieces of the Triforce, the game ends and continuing would reset it to level one.

Game & Watch

The "eight evil dragons" refused to "live in peace with man" and kidnapped Link's sweetheart, Princess Zelda. In consequence, Link intends to hunt them down, "destroy the dragons" and rescue Zelda.[1]

They can be found as the bosses in the top room of each labyrinth. They will spit out fire and attack Link with their tail. Link must dodge these, and attack them when he has an opening. The Dragons in higher levels have more HP and greater attack speed. If Link has collected a Tomahawk from a Goblin in the labyrinth, he will automatically use it in the battle with the Dragons, where it deals 9 HP damage, three times more than the Sword.

When Link destroys one of the Dragons, he receives one of the Triforce fragments. The Triforce is the key to unlock the seal that keeps Princess Zelda locked in the last labyrinth. With all eight dragons destroyed, Link can use it to break the seal and save Zelda.



  • It was very common back in the 80s and 90s for companies, including Nintendo, to either not enforce quality control, or lack the ability, on their various side-projects. This led to many names being poorly translated or misspelled. Due to this phenomenon it has been widely speculated that "Dragon" was intended to be Aquamentus.


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