Atlas of Koholint Island

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Atlas of Koholint Island
Atlas of Koholint Island - LA19.jpg
The Atlas from Link's Awakening (Switch)




Shows Map of Koholint Island


The Atlas of Koholint Island is a book found within the Mabe Village Library in Link's Awakening. Unlike the other books in the library, rather than a piece of text to aid Link's journey, it contains a map of Koholint Island in full.

Link's Awakening (Game Boy) & Link's Awakening DX


The Map is identical to Link's map of Koholint Island, except that it is completely filled in, without requiring Link to have to visited every square region on the map. Link cannot take the map with him and it is only viewable while in the Library.

Map Indicators

The Atlas of Koholint Island has three different map indicators that highlight different locations.

Link's Awakening (Switch)

Unlike the full-colour map available from the ⊖ button, the map is rendered in shades of brown with a parchment-style filter. It also has area names permanently shown on it.

Like its Game Boy forebears, however, it both shows the full island without Link having to visit every area, and can only be viewed in the Library.


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