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Dogs appear throughout The Legend of Zelda series and are prominent in a number of games.


Link's Awakening

Main article: Mutt

Some dogs can be found in the streets of Mabe Village. They growl at Link and attack him if he hurts them.[1] If Link sprinkles Magic Powder on one of the dogs, it bursts into flames.

Ocarina of Time

As young Link, Mamamu Yan and her dog, Richard, can be seen in the Market at daytime. If Link is in the Market at nighttime, there is a pack of dogs that can be found in various locations in the Market. If Link finds Richard out of the dogs and returns it to Mamamu Yan, he will receive a Piece of Heart. Richard can be found around the market stall just to the right of the Bazaar.

Majora's Mask

One of the most notable dogs in Majora's Mask is the loose dog is present in front of the Clock Tower. The behavior of the dog changes depending on which form Link takes:

  • Hylian/Fierce Deity: The dog acts as if Link isn't there, running around in a circle and barking.
  • Deku: The dog chases and attacks Deku Link, but its attacks do no damage.
  • Goron: The dog evades Goron Link and whines.
  • Zora: The dog follows Zora Link and sits patiently in front of him.

The Doggy Racetrack also exists in Romani Ranch. Many dogs are encased in a fence structure. Link can use the Mask of Truth to hear the dogs' thoughts and determine which will win.

Oracle of Seasons

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Oracle of Ages

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The Minish Cap

A number of dogs in The Minish Cap actually have names and Link is usually able to fuse Kinstones with them.

Twilight Princess

There are a few dogs that run around the alleys of Castle Town. One dog lays near Purlo's tent laying down. There is a stick nearby where Link can throw it for the dog to fetch. Link can also speak to these dogs while in wolf form.

Breath of the Wild

Main article: Hylian Retriever




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