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Mamamu Secret


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The Mamamu Secret is a Secret from Oracle of Seasons used within Oracle of Ages. Link will first need to complete Oracle of Ages and start a Linked Game record of Oracle of Seasons.

Learn the Secret

The Mamamu Secret can first be learned after he uses the Floodgate Key, on his way to Poison Moth's Lair. After doing so, Mamamu Yan's Mother will appear in the Floodgate Keeper's House. She mentions that she is the mother of Mamamu Yan and that, like the Floodgate Keeper, she is from Labrynna.[1] She asks Link to do her a favor. She gives Link a Secret and asks him to tell it to her daughter, Mamamu Yan, the top dog breader in Labrynna.[2][3][4]

Tell the Secret

In order to tell the secret, Link must have already completed the Mamamu Yan portion of the Trading Sequence. In the present day of Labrynna, Link can travel to Lynna City and find Mamamu Yan in a small house, just north of the Black Tower.

After hearing that her mother is in Holodrum, she will ask Link to do her a favor.[5] She mentions that her precious dog has gotten lost and tasks Link with finding him and bringing him back to her. She mentionst hat she has a huge reward for Link if he can find him. [6]

Mamamu's Dog can be found running around town on a random screen. When Link sees the dog, he has a limited time to pick the dog up using the Power Bracelet. If he takes too long, the Dog will run off screen and appear elsewhere in Lynna City. Once Link successfully lifts up the dog, he'll be taken back to Mamamu Yan's house.


Mamamu Yan will give Link a Seed Ring.[7][8] When appraised, this ring becomes the Snowshoe Ring. When equipped, Link is able to walk on ice without sliding. While this limits the use for the ring, it can be quite useful in specific dungeons and rooms with lots of ice.

In order to get the Snowshoe Ring reward in Oracle of Seasons, Link will need to talk to the Red Snake in Vasu Jewelers. Chose 'Ask' and the Red Snake will give Link a password. Jot the password down and then return to Vasu Jewelers in Horon Village. Speak with the Red Snake once again, but this time choose 'Say'. Input the password and this will bring over all of the rings Link has in Oracle of Ages including the Snowshoe Ring.



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