Floodgate Keeper's House

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Floodgate Keeper's House
Outside the Floodgate Keeper's House


Natural Season




The Floodgate Keeper's House is a location marked at the northeast corner of the Spool Swamp within Oracle of Seasons.

Link can reach the Floodgate Keeper's House immediately upon entering Spool Swamp from the Holodrum Plain. Once inside, Link can speak with the Floodgate Keeper. After finding out that Link wants to reach the swamp, the Floodgate Keeper confesses that he has lost the Floodgate Key to open the floodgates.[1]

At the bottom-right corner of the room, there is a small lever and Link can strike it with his Sword. Doing so will lower the water within the house, as well as the small pond just outside. Inside the house, lowering the water will reveal the Floodgate Key! After acquiring the key, Link can speak with the Floodgate Keeper once again and he'll give Link a hint that he must use the passage outside to reach the keyhole that opens the floodgates.[2]

After Link has acquired the Floodgate Key, he can speak to the Floodgate Keeper within the house and he asks Link if he has opened the Floodgates. He gives Link a hint that the vines get so overgrown in the Summer.[3]

A glitch may occur when Link speaks to the Floodgate Keeper after opening the Floodgate. The Floodgate Keeper uses Impa's words from when Impa first finds Link harmed in North Horon.[4]



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