Link's Awakening Figures

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Link's Awakening Figures
CiaoCiao Figure as seen at the Trendy Game




Chamber Stone
Reduced cost at the Trendy Game




Figures are collectible items found in the Nintendo Switch remake of Link's Awakening. There are ten figures in total, and they are all themed around characters and enemies from the Super Mario series. They can be won at the Trendy Game in Mabe Village, after Link has won the Piece of Heart or Yoshi Doll.

Once Link has claimed all ten figures, the Trendy Gamester will reward him with a Chamber Stone. Additionally, he will reduce the cost to play at the Trendy Game from 10 to 5 rupees.

Link must complete the game and let the credits roll before all figures can be collected.

NOTE: Link can only carry one figure at a time; they must be placed in their respective positions across town before a new figure will appear at the Trendy Game.


Image Figure Location Description
La19-ciaociao-figure.jpg CiaoCiao Madam MeowMeow's House It's a CiaoCiao figure. Like the real thing, it requires a lot of love and a lot of patience.
La19-goomba-figure.jpg Goomba Marin and Tarin's House It's a Goomba figure. Its maker put a lot of love into sculpting the eyebrows!
La19-cheepcheep-figure.jpg Cheep Cheep Old Man Ulrira's House It's a Cheep Cheep figure. Made with waterproof paint!
La19-spiny-figure.jpg Spiny Quadruplet's House It's a Spiny figure. If only you had armor this hard and this sharp.
La19-boo-figure.jpg Boo Quadruplet's House It's a Boo figure. Hm? It's looking you in the eye and still smiling?
La19-blooper-figure.jpg Blooper Ulrira's House It's a Blooper figure. Squids are the hot new thing with kids today.
La19-shyguy-figure.jpg Shy Guy Quadruplet's House It's a Shy Guy figure. The eyes are holes, but...why can't you see anything inside?
La19-piranha-figure.jpg Piranha Plant Marin and Tarin's House It's a Piranha Plant figure. What do they water these things with?
La19-pokey-figure.jpg Pokey Quadruplet's House It's a Pokey figure. Each segment is detachable—even the head!
La19-bowwow-figure.jpg BowWow Madam MeowMeow's House It's a BowWow figure. Guaranteed to stay perfectly still.