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Nintendo EAD (Entertainment Analysis and Development) is a division within Nintendo. Within EAD, Software Development Group No. 3, headed by Eiji Aonuma, is responsible for producing Zelda games. They have developed the following games:

Year Title Platform
2004 Four Swords Adventures GCN
2006 Twilight Princess GCN/Wii
2007 Phantom Hourglass NDS
2008 Link's Crossbow Training Wii
2009 Spirit Tracks NDS
2011 Skyward Sword Wii

Tokyo Development Group No. 1 is also part of Nintendo EAD, and developed the following games alongside Grezzo:

Year Title Platform
2011 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D 3DS
2011 Four Swords Anniversary Edition DSiWare