Chamber Dungeon

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Chamber Dungeon
Creating a Chamber Dungeon








The Chamber Dungeon is a customizable dungeon that appears in the Nintendo Switch remake of Link's Awakening.


As Link completes dungeons, he will unlock chambers, which are replicas of rooms completed in prior dungeons. If Link visits Dampé's Shack in west Tal Tal Heights, he can use these chambers to complete certain challenges presented by Dampé. The chambers must be arranged to fit a given shape, and must fit certain pre-requisites:

  • The dungeon must have an entrance room;
  • The dungeon must have a Nightmare's Lair;
  • All rooms in the dungeon must connect;
  • There must be sufficient keys for all locked doors and / or blocks.

Completing Dampé's various challenges will see Link receive different rewards, including, but not limited to Rupees, and in one case, a Fairy Bottle.

If a Legend of Zelda amiibo is used while creating a Chamber Dungeon, certain Plus Effects can be endowed to the dungeon. If the Link - Link's Awakening amiibo is used, Shadow Link will appear in the dungeon and chase Link through various rooms. Defeating them rewards Link with additional rupees. When designing your own dungeons, various +Effect Panels can be placed on certain rooms, which could cause there to be more enemies, have recovery hearts drop, rupees drop, bombs drop from the ceiling, or a Wallmaster may appear to try and grab Link.

Chamber Dungeons

Map Title How to Unlock Restrictions Reward
Level 1 Chamber-Dungeon-Dungeon-Arranging-101.png Dungeon Arranging 101 Complete Bottle Grotto None Chamber Stone
Chamber-Dungeon-Placing-the-Basics.png Placing the Basics Complete Dungeon Arranging 101 None Chamber Stone
Chamber-Dungeon-A-Passage-Across.png A Passage Across Complete Key Cavern
Complete Placing the Basics
None Chamber Stone
Chamber-Dungeon-Fill-Up-Your-Hearts.png Fill Up Your Hearts Complete A Passage Across None Piece of Heart
Secret Seashell
Level 2 Chamber-Dungeon-Key-Hunter.png Key Hunter Complete Fill Up Your Hearts None Chamber Stone
Chamber-Dungeon-Bombs-Away.png Bombs Away! Complete Angler's Tunnel None Chamber Stone
+Bombs Effect
Chamber-Dungeon-Treasure-Vault.png Treasure Vault Complete Catfish's Maw
Complete Bombs Away!
None Chamber Stone
Chamber-Dungeon-Passageway-Central.png Passageway Central Complete Treasure Vault None Piece of Heart
Level 3 Chamber-Dungeon-Stair-Decisions.png Stair Decisions Complete Face Shrine
Complete Passageway Central
None Chamber Stone
Chamber-Dungeon-Heart-Shortage.png Heart Shortage Complete Face Shrine
Complete Passageway Central
3 Hearts Chamber Stone
Chamber-Dungeon-Sheated-Sword.png Sheathed Sword Complete Eagle's Tower
Complete Heart Shortage
No Sword Chamber Stone
Chamber-Dungeon-Ticking-Clock.png Ticking Clock Complete Turtle Rock
Complete Sheathed Sword
5-Minute Time Limit Heart Container
+Wallmasters Effect
Level 4 Chamber-Dungeon-Forging-a-Sword.png Forging a Sword Complete Ticking Clock None Gold Rupee (300 Rupees)
Chamber-Dungeon-Crafting-a-Shield.png Crafting a Shield Complete Ticking Clock 5 Hearts Gold Rupee (300 Rupees)
Chamber-Dungeon-Bows-Swords.png Bows > Swords Complete Ticking Clock No Sword Gold Rupee (300 Rupees)
Chamber-Dungeon-Dungeon-Song.png Dungeon Song Complete Ticking Clock None Gold Rupee (300 Rupees)
Chamber-Dungeon-House-of-the-Hinox.png House of the Hinox Complete Ticking Clock 3-Minutes Gold Rupee (300 Rupees)
Chamber-Dungeon-Back-to-Square-One.png Back to Square One Complete Ticking Clock 5-Minutes Gold Rupee (300 Rupees)
Chamber-Dungeon-Need-a-Hand.png Need a Hand? Complete Ticking Clock No Sword Gold Rupee (300 Rupees)
Chamber-Dungeon-Zig-Zaggy.png Zig-Zaggy Complete Ticking Clock None Gold Rupee (300 Rupees)
Chamber-Dungeon-Nothing-but-Stairs.png Nothin' but Stairs Complete Ticking Clock None Gold Rupee (300 Rupees)
Chamber-Dungeon-Treasure-Hoard.png Treasure Hoard Complete Ticking Clock None Gold Rupee (300 Rupees)
Chamber-Dungeon-Skull-Arrangement.png Skull Arrangement Complete Ticking Clock None Gold Rupee (300 Rupees)
Chamber-Dungeon-The-Supreme-Shape.png The Supreme Shape Complete Ticking Clock None Gold Rupee (300 Rupees)