A Passage Across

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A Passage Across

A Passage Across is one of the Chamber Dungeons found in Link's Awakening.


A Passage Across is the third Chamber Dungeon unlocked in the game. It one of four of the 'Level 1' Chambers.

The chamber dungeon is unlocked after Link completes Placing the Basics, as well as completing Key Cavern in the main quest. The dungeon is an introduction to using staircases within the Chamber Dungeon. The top-right corner of the map has a Treasure Chest room, but it is blocked off from the rest of the grid. One other room exists that has a staircase and a locked door. Link will need to place a room at the top-right of the map and connect it with the room in the center of the map that has a staircase. With optimal Chamber Stones, this can be completed using only five chamber rooms.

Link will earn a Chamber Stone for arranging and then completing the dungeon. Additionally, it will unlock the Level 1 dungeon, Fill Up Your Hearts.

In-Game Description

You can't place chambers on those light gray tiles to the upper right. The only way to reach those tiles is with chambers that have stairs. That's what this challenge is about. You'll learn how to use stairs to cross long distances. Or you'll fail. One of the two.