Need a Hand?

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Need a Hand?




Gold Rupee (300 Rupees)

Need a Hand? is one of the Chamber Dungeons found in Link's Awakening.


Need a Hand? is one of the 'Level 4' "Golden" Chamber Dungeons. The chamber dungeon is unlocked after Link completes the Ticking Clock dungeon.

The dungeon has an open floor plan, with 9 titles that are pre-set. The restriction here is that Link is not able to use his Sword, so be sure to strategically pick rooms that can be completed more easily with other weapons.

Link will earn a Gold Rupee, worth 300 Rupees, for arranging and then completing the dungeon.

In-Game Description

There is another one where you can't use that sword. Now, that's gonna make some spots tough. Or even impossible. When that happens, you're gonne need a helpful hand.