Stair Decisions

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Stair Decisions

Stair Decisions is one of the Chamber Dungeons found in Link's Awakening.


Stair Decisions is the ninth Chamber Dungeon unlocked in the game. It one of four of the 'Level 3' Chambers.

The chamber dungeon is unlocked after Link completes the Passage Way Central dungeon, as well as Face Shrine in the main quest.

The dungeon has four tiles already placed, but there are also two tiles that require staircases. The dungeon has a very open floor plan and while it might take a bunch of tiles to place, there are endless options.

Link will earn a Chamber Stone for arranging and then completing the dungeon. Completing the dungeon will also unlock the Heart Storage dungeon.

In-Game Description

So what. If you put stairs over there, how does that work with the stairs you've got at the start? Maybe if you... But wait, then you'd have to... Ugh. This is why I leave the dungeon arrangin' to you.