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+Effect Panel

+Effect Panels are items found in the remake of Link's Awakening.


There are six total Effect Panels found in the game and they can be used when designing your own Chamber Dungeon. Some of the effects can help Link, such as the +Hearts Effect, which will drop Recovery Hearts in the chamber, while others such as the +Monsters Effect or +Bombs Effect, make Link's journey more difficult.

Effect Panels

Effect Panel Acquires Description
+Bombs Effect
Complete Bombs Away! Causes Bombs to be dropped within a room. A total of 8 Bombs will be dropped and they act just like any other Bomb. Link is able to pick one up and toss it aside.

Effect cannot be applied to an Entrance Chamber.
+Hearts Effect
Complete Sheathed Sword
+Monsters Effect
Acquire all 10 Figures from the Trendy Game
+Wallmasters Effect
Complete Ticking Clock
+Rupees Effect
Acquire all 50 Secret Seashells and bring them to the Seashell Mansion.
+Shadow Link Effect
Scan the Link Amiibo from Link's Awakening