Link's Awakening Story

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A shipwrecked Link lands unconscious on the beach of a mysterious island. A local of the island's town, Mabe Village, finds Link and takes him back to her home. When he awakes, she reveals her name is Marin and that he is on Koholint Island. Link takes back his shield from Marin's father, Tarin (who resembles Mario from the "Super Mario" series) and heads to Toronbo Shores.

Link recovers his sword on the beach and then encounters a mysterious Owl. The owl tells Link that the only way to leave the Island is to wake the Wind Fish, who is sleeping in an egg on Mt. Tamaranch in the Tal Tal Mountain Range. Link sets off to his first destination, the Mysterious Woods.

Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

After sprinkling some Magic Powder on a strange raccoon - who turns out to be Tarin - Link gets the Tail Key from a chest in the woods. He then returns to the beach to enter Tail Cave, the first dungeon. After defeating the enemies inside the cave including a giant Moldorm, Link finds his first Instrument of the Sirens. Upon exiting the cave, the owl tells Link that with a complete set of instruments he can finally leave the Island. Link, now knowing what needs to be done, goes in search of the other seven instruments and the Nightmares which guard them.

As Link's adventure continues, more and more of the Islands' secrets are revealed to him. In a shrine located in the south east part of the Island, Link discovers a tablet with a shocking revelation inscribed on it. The tablet speaks of the Island as a dream on the 'sleepers eye'. When the Wind Fish awakes, the Island will disappear forever. Unsure if what the tablet tells of is true, and so close to the end of his journey, Link presses forth to collect the eighth instrument from another nearby shrine.

With the final instrument collected from Turtle Rock, Link makes his way towards Tal Tal Heights and the Wind Fish's egg. Playing the 'Ballad of the Wind Fish' - taught to him by Marin - in front of the egg causes it to crack open. Link goes inside to reveal a maze-like structure.

Link works his way through the maze to find The Shadow Nightmares. These Shadows has caused the Wind Fish to sleep endlessly so they can remain in control of Koholint Island. Link fights the Shadows, who changes into many different forms. Some of these forms are Zelda enemies from previous games, such as Ganon and Agahnim from A Link to the Past. With his final form defeated - known as DethI - a staircase appears. This leads Link to the Wind Fish.

The Wind Fish has the body of a whale, with a set of wings on his back. He reveals to Link that he is also asleep and must wake up. Link plays the eight instruments again and a giant spout of water carries Link off screen.

With the 'Ballad of the Wind Fish' playing in the background, Koholint Island fades into the horizon. Link, floating on the remains of his ship, wakes up. The sun fades over head, causing him to look up. He sees the Wind Fish blotting out the sun above him. Link sits and stares at the spot Koholint Island used to be as the credits roll.