Energy Gauge

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Energy Gauge
Energy Gauge Full - ALBW.png



Utilize Ravio's items and merge on to walls (A Link Between Worlds)
Utilize found items (Tri Force Heroes)


The Energy Gauge is a feature that appears in A Link Between Worlds and Tri Force Heroes.

A Link Between Worlds

The Energy Gauge functions similarly to the Magic Meter and the Stamina Gauge from Skyward Sword. Link obtains the Energy Gauge after Ravio gives him the Bow for the first time. The Energy Gauge depletes whenever Link uses an item from the shop, or when he merges on to a wall.

Once the Energy Gauge is completely depleted, Link is no longer able to use Ravio's items or use his merge ability until the Gauge is replenished. The Gauge can be replenished naturally over time or by the use of an Energy Potion.

The Stamina Scroll, found in the Ice Ruins, increases the size of the Energy Gauge.

Tri Force Heroes

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The Energy Gauge is similar to the A Link Between Worlds version. Certain outfits increase available energy for either the Link wearing it or their comrades.