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Ruul Secret


Complete Wing Dungeon

Learned from


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Ring Box Upgrade

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The Ruul Secret is a Secret from Oracle of Ages used within Oracle of Seasons. Link will first need to complete Oracle of Seasons and start a Linked Game record of Oracle of Ages.

Learn the Secret

After completing the Wing Dungeon, Link can return to the present and will find Mayor Plen's Grandmother within Mayor Plen's House, at the center of town, one screen north of the mermaid fountain. Speak with her and she will recognize Link as the hero who saved Holodrum. She mentions that fate has brought the two together and asks if Link will hear out her request.[1] She asks if Link remembers Mayor Ruul, the mayor of Horon Village. She will ask Link to tell him a secret.[2]

Tell the Secret

In Oracle of Seasons, Link can visit Mayor Ruul and tell him the secret.[3] Mayor Ruul can be found at his house, located at the northeast portion of Horon Village. The Mayor recognizes the secret from a friend and will reward Link with a larger Ring Box.[4]


The Level 2 Ring Box will allow Link to carry up to 3 rings at one time. However, only one ring can be worn at any given time. If Link has already received the Level 2 Ring Box from the in-game upgrade, this secret will then give Link the Level 3 Ring Box, allowing him to carry 5 rings at a time.

After earning the reward from Mayor Ruul, he'll also teach Link a secret that he can take back to Labrynna.[5] Return to Farore within Labrynna's Maku Tree and tell her the secret. This will upgrade Link's Ring Box in Oracle of Ages.



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