Library Secret

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Library Secret


Complete Ancient Ruins
Restore and Return Captain's Bell
Reach Western Coast

Learned from

Ghini in the house on the Western Coast.


Told to

Librarian in the back room of Eyeglass Library (Past)



Shield Upgrade
Iron Shield or Mirror Shield

Oracle-Iron-Shield-Sprite.png Oracle-Mirror-Shield-Sprite.png

The Library Secret is a Secret from Oracle of Seasons used within Oracle of Ages. Link will first need to complete Oracle of Ages and start a Linked Game record of Oracle of Seasons.

Learn the Secret

After helping the Piratians get their ship out of Subrosia, head directly north of the dock on the Western Coast and enter the house. Inside is a harmless Ghini who will reveal his "regret" to Link. The Ghini tells of once working at the Eyeglass Library in Labrynna where he learned a secret so terrible that it resulted in him becoming the form he now assumes. He requests that, in order to "set it right", Link listen to his secret.[1][2]

Tell the Secret

In Labrynna, head to the Eyeglass Library in the Past and tell the secret to the Old Man in the main back room. He will question how Link learned the library-exclusive secret and offer a Shield upgrade to not tell anyone.[3][4]


If Link has the L-1 Wooden Shield, he will obtain the L-2 Iron Shield. If he has already upgraded to the L-2 Iron Shield, Link will receive the famous L-3 Mirror Shield, the strongest shield in the game.


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