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Launches projectiles
Uses hands to attack and crush Link


Ramrock is the boss of the eighth dungeon in Oracle of Ages, Ancient Tomb. He is a giant head-shaped rock creature with two arms. This battle consists of several phases.


First Phase

In the first phase, he launches his arms at Link. Link must knock them back with his Sword so that they hit Ramrock, which requires careful aim. Repeat this process about three times, and this phase will be complete.

Second Phase

In the second phase, he'll begin to fly around the room and try to crush Link between his hands. Link must throw a Bomb in between his hands when he has them open. He'll crush the bombs instead of Link, which in turn causes him to take damage. This phase should take about three hits to complete with the use of bombs.

Third Phase

The third phase has him moving horizontally back and forth across the room with shields guarding his face. He uses more diverse attacks in this phase, by either shooting lasers or a blue orb at Link. He needs to use his Seed Shooter to bounce seeds off the north wall so that they hit him in the back. This phase takes four shots to complete.

Fourth Phase

In the fourth and final phase, Ramrock has two balls attached to chains for arms. Link must equip his Power Glove at this point. He launches one of the balls at you. When he does this, go quickly over to the other ball and grab it. Drag it as far back as you can and release it. It flies into his face and damages him. With three hits, Link finally defeats Ramrock.


There are two rewards presented for defeating Ramrock. The first is the obvious Heart Container, replenishing Link's life while adding on to it. The second reward is the Falling Star essence. This is the eighth and final Essence the Hero will receive.