Spiny ChuChu

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Spiny ChuChu
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Spiny ChuChus are enemies in The Minish Cap. They are one of the many variations of the ChuChu family. When in danger, they protrude spikes out of their body.


Spiny ChuChu first appear in cave while Link is climbing up Mt. Crenel. When they have their spikes out, a sword slash will not be able to hurt the enemies. The Spiny ChuChu are a bit stronger than their regular red or green counterparts as they will 1/2 heart of damage to Link if they come in contact with him, regardless of whether Link hits their body or their spikes. A group of Spiny ChuChu appear in the Cave of Flames and serve as a mini-boss. When Link defeats them, he will acquire the dungeon item, the Cane of Pacci.

Link can time his attacks so that he hits the Spiny ChuChu when his spikes have receded. Alternatively, Link can use Bombs to defeat them.

123 Spiny Chuchu
Figurine Spiny Chuchu (TMC).gif Appears in various areas. These Chuchus project spikes from their bodies at the first sign danger. Try a well-placed bomb.