Hebra's Hill

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Hebra's Hill is a location in Death Mountain Foothills in Four Swords Adventures. It appears to be a disturbance on a ladder located shortly before the exit to The Mountain Path. It is known as a region where people become eternally lost. According to an old man nearby, the only way through is to remain focused on the goal and continue forward.[1]

When the Links enter the ladder, they are led into a series of similar-looking areas. Similar to areas such as the Lost Woods, the only way to progress is by following the correct path. The Links must continue forward five times in order to pass Hebra's Hill.




  1. "There's an area near the one-eyed giants called Hebra's Hill. People say that those who enter that region wander lost for all eternity. If you simply meander about with no goal in mind, you'll never reach the summit. You must press on, always focused on your sole intent: to reach the peak!" — Old Man, Four Swords Adventures.