Sunny Veggie Porridge

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Sunny Veggie Porridge
Veggie Porridge - TotK icon.png






Sunny: Restores gloom-damaged Heart Containers



"Restores hearts damaged by gloom. Porridge made of easy-to-digest vegetables, fresh milk, and Hylian rice. An uplifting dish."

Tears of the Kingdom In-Game Description

Sunny Veggie Porridge is a meal found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Sunny Veggie Porridge can be made in a Cooking Pot, with Sundelion or Sun Pumpkin, Fresh Milk, and Hylian Rice. As a "Sunny" meal, it restores Heart Containers depleted by gloom while in the Depths without needing to return to a lightroot or the surface. The effect may be boosted by cooking under a Blood Moon.

Link must make Sunny Veggie Porridge for Nanna in the Gloom-Borne Illness Side Quest.

Cooking Ingredients

Material Icons Quantity
Sundelion - TotK icon.png
Sun Pumpkin - TotK icon.png
1 or more
Fresh Milk - TotK icon.png
1 or more
Hylian Rice - TotK icon.png
1 or more

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