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Spera is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Spera works as a vendor in Gerudo Town. Spera works the stall 24-hours a day as Gerudo Town is a city that never sleeps. Unfortunately this means that she doesn't get to spend much time with her husband.[1] Spera is a newlywed, and mentions that many of the vendors are actually married. However, she claims it's fairly common for their husbands to live outside of the town walls where the women travel to Gerudo Town to sell their merchandise. While not ideal for married life, it is how Spera makes a living.[2]

With how dangerous the desert can be, Spera encourages Link to stop and get a good night's rest.[3]

Spera sells some Rock Salt, Tabantha Wheat, and some Hylian Rice. She will thank Link for purchasing items and states that she will tell her husband to bring some more.[4] If Link purchases all the items, she will thank him on behalf of her family.[5]

Tears of the Kingdom

Spera can be found in Gerudo Town after the resolution of the Gerudo Regional Phenomena. She sells Rock Salt, Tabantha Wheat, and Hylian Rice - the same items as she did in Breath of the Wild.

Products & Prices

Material Icons Quantity Price
Rock Salt.png
Tabantha Wheat.png
Hylian Rice.png



  1. Sav'saaba... This is a city that doesn't sleep, so this store is always open. Unfortunately, being so busy means I don't often make it home to my husband... - Spera
  2. Oh, yes. And a newlywed, too! Many of the vendors who work these stalls are married, in fact. It's pretty typical of married vai to live outside these walls, really. But we come back to sell our wares, of course! It does mean I don't see my husband all that often, but we have to make a living. - Spera
  3. We're fine getting less sleep than most folks, but with how dangerous the desert can be, it's good to stay alert... If you start feeling tired, be sure to take a break and get a good night's rest! - Spera
  4. Sarqso! I gotta remember to tell my husband to get some more! - Spera
  5. Sarqso from myself and my husband for buying everything. - Spera