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Breath of the Wild
Travels around the Gerudo Desert Gateway, Gerudo Canyon Stable, & western Gerudo Canyon
Tears of the Kingdom
Woodland Stable

Maypin is a character in Breath of the Wild, and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Maybe is a traveling merchant who can be found at the Gerudo Canyon Stable. He wields a Wooden Shield and Traveler's Sword. He patrols the area in front of the stable with his Donkey, who carries all of his merchandise. Maypin wants to travel the Gerudo Desert, but he can't seem to find an animal that can traverse the sand without getting stuck.[1]

Maypin deals in darners, having both Warm Darners and Cold Darners for sale. When mixed with monster parts, these can make elixirs that will allow Link to tolerate the harsh cold and hot temperatures of the Gerudo Desert.[2][3][4]

Products & Prices

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Tears of the Kingdom

Maypin can be found at the Woodland Stable, now with a Horse and wagon. He is thrilled that he finally saved up enough Pony Points to obtain a Towing Harness. If Link does not yet possess a harness, Maypin will say that Link is probably jealous and should get one of his own.[5] Maypin will tell Link that he can build up Pony Points by using the stable facilities, registering horses, and staying the night.[6]

He states that he trades around the Akkala region, and if Link ever needs anything he can be found there.[7]



  1. I'd like to travel the desert to sell my wares, but I haven't found a pack animal yet that won't get stuck in the sand. I sell bugs. What? It's a living! - Maypin
  2. I've got some darners...and that's about it. See for yourself. - Maypin
  3. Got enough elixir for your trip into the desert? Need any monster parts to make more? The daytime heat is much worse than the chill at night. If you can only do one, I'd make some cooling elixir - Maypin
  4. Gerudo Canyon Stable is a nice place and all, but are you going further into the desert from here? Because if so, you should make some elixirs to keep you both warm and cool. - Maypin
  5. "It''s finally mine! The towing harness of my dreams! Took a while to save up enough Pony Points for it. So many wild horses registered, so many nights at stables... But it's all been worth it! Now that I've got this harness, I can tow to my heart's content! Hm? Hey, you've been staring for a while now... Something up?" — Maypin, Tears of the Kingdom
  6. "Like my towing harness that much, do ya? Then you gotta hit the stables and build up some Pont Points of your own! You can earn points by using the stable facilities, handing 'em new wild horses, and staying the night there. Build up enough points and you'll get your own harness. Then you can pull a wagon all day long!" — Maypin, Tears of the Kingdom
  7. "You wouldn't happen to be jealous of my towing harness, would you? I totally get it! I mean, if you had a hrness of your own, your horse could pull a wagon or all kinds of other stuff. Doing business from a wagon's always been a dream of mine, me being a merchant and all. I trade around Akkala, to the northeast, so if you ever pass me on the road, definitely give me a shout!" — Maypin, Tears of the Kingdom