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Botrick is a character from Breath of the Wild


Botrick is a watchman who can be seen patrolling the roads around the Outskirt Stable.[1][2] He wields a Traveler's Sword and a Wooden Shield.

When Botrick walks up the pathway head north, he will stop to take a look in the distance at the Satori Mountain. He mentions that normally there are very few animals that make their home on the mountain, but occasionally the Lord of the Mountain will appear, which causes all sorts of other animals to also appear.[3] While heading back towards the stable, Botrick will tell Link that if he'd like to head to Rito Village, he should travel through the Tabantha Frontier. However, he warns Link of the enemy Guardians that are found along the path.[4][5]

When Botrick returns to the stable, he will advise Link that if he going to keep traveling, he best prepare his weapons and equipment to defend himself.[6] He will also talk about the legendary weapons that can be found within Hyrule Castle, but advises Link to stay away as it is way to dangerous.[7] When Botrick gets up and begins his patrol once again, he will talk about the Coliseum Ruins that are right on the other side of the rocky mountains to the east. The area is filled with fell monsters and it is a fairly dangerous area to go to.[8][9][10]

Botrick will also double as a vendor, where he deals in Arrows.[11][12][13] He sells regular arrows and Fire Arrows, but on rainy days, he will also deal in Ice Arrows.

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  1. They say the north side of the stable is relatively safe, but even so, I won't shirk my patrol duties! I am a watchman! - Botrick
  2. They say it's relatively safe, but I won't shirk my patrol duties! I always watch! That's what it means to be a watchman! - Botrick
  3. Normally, few animals make their home around Satori Mountain, just ahead... But they say an appearance by the Lord of the Mountain calls to the souls of the animals and makes them gather. - Botrick
  4. If you want to go to Rito Village, follow the road north. Cutting through the Tabantha Frontier is the fastest route. But there are a bunch of Guardians in that area, so it may be wiser to take a detour to the east! - Botrick
  5. You want to go to Rito Village, right? Then just follow the road north. Head for the Tabantha Frontier! But...if you don't want to run into any Guardians, it may be wiser to take a detour to the east! - Botrick
  6. If you want to keep traveling, you'd best prepare weapons and equipment so you can defend yourself! - Botrick
  7. They say legendary weapons sleep in the remains of Hyrule Castle, but it's far too dangerous, so don't be tempted! - Botrick
  8. The ancient Coliseum Ruins on the other side of those rocky mountains to the east are alive with fell monsters. - Botrick
  9. On the other side of those rocky mountains to the east are the ancient Coliseum Ruins... It's a fell place, teeming with monsters. Only scavengers hunting for weapons dare to go near the ruins. - Botrick
  10. A long time ago, there used to be an arena for combat nearby, but it's fallen to ruin and is a home for foul monsters. I suppose you could say it still IS an arena for combat, but more the life-or- death-against-monsters variety. - Botrick
  11. Say, on an entirely different topic... I've recently begun selling adventuring gear as I travel. Doing work as a watchman certainly fills my souls, but not my pockets... - Botrick
  12. You can really never be too prepared. If you need proper gear for adventuring, you've come to the right fellow! - Botrick
  13. I apologize for only having arrows. But arrows are something that you can never have too many of, am I right? - Botrick