Olkin's Pumpkins

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Olkin's Pumpkins

Olkin's Pumpkins is an outdoor garden shop in Kakariko Village. The garden is maintained by Olkin who sells Fortified Pumpkins. The store is open for business between the hours of 7am and 5pm and it is located right between Okin's home and Enchanted, the armor shop in town.

Breath of the Wild

Items Sold

Olkin exclusively sells Fortified Pumpkins and they are available for purchase while Olkin is working the garden. Ideally, Olkin would prefer if the pumpkins were sold at the High Spirits Produce shop, but due to the rivalry Olkin has with Steen, this is not possible.[1][2]

Steen's wife Trissa is the owner of High Spirits Produce and she recommends the Fortified Pumpkins that Olkin sells. She wishes to sell them, but cannot due to the rivalry between Olkin and Steen.[3]

Material Icons Quantity Price
Fortified Pumpkin.png


  1. It seems...you caught me. I could never get along with Steen... no matter how I tried. Even when we'd go hunting together, I'd slowly crouch down to get close to our prey, but he'd just charge in yelling. "Offense is killing!" That's what he'd bellow. Annoyed the tar outta me. Needless to say, our prey always ran... On top of that, he just refuses to sell my pumpkins in his shop! But... My, what have I done? I'm just so mortified... But being caught in the act makes me realize what I've become... As of today...I'll stop taking my anger out on the crops. - Olkin
  2. You caught me again... I try to stop myself, but this grudge has grown over the years. It takes me over. No! the past is behind me! It really is... Still...I just can't stand the fact that he refuses to stock my pumpkins at his shop! But whatever the reason may be, I plain shouldn't be doing such things... I've come to my senses now that you've caught me again. Thank you. As of today...I'll stop taking my anger out on the crops. - Olkin
  3. Recommendations... Let me think... Well, everything I sell, really. But if you want specifics, there's always swift carrots. My mister grows 'em. They put Kakariko Village on the map. Actually...to be honest, there's one other crop Kakariko is known for, fortified pumpkins. I'd sell them here, but you see... my mister and the pumpkin farmer - they don't exactly get along. So if you want fortified pumpkins, you'll have to get some straight form Olkin's patch. - Trissa