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Emri is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Emri is a Gerudo merchant who has a fruit stand at the Kara Kara Bazaar. She is an elderly Gerudo who is always acting grumpy. She complains about work, thinking that an old women like herself should get a break.[1] Emri is very critical of Link, especially if he plans to cross the desert without using food which grants heat resistance.[2]

After talking to Emri a second time, she gets more agitated with Link, asking what he wants in a rude manner.[3] If Link tries to sell any items to Emri, she will complain about it and eventually encourages Link to sell his materials to other merchants.[4][5]

Emri sells Mighty Bananas, Hydromelons, and Palm Fruits. Hydromelons are her main product, where she says that she has more here than Link will find at Gerudo Town.[6] Even if Link purchases something from Emri, she will complain that she now has to go and get more of the product to sell.[7] In contrast to her plethora of Hydromelons, Emri sells only a single hand of Mighty Bananas, due to the Yiga Clan buying the rest of her stock.[8]

As part of the Forbidden City Entry main quest, Link can ask Emri if she has seen any suspicious merchants.[9] She mentions that she saw a woman dressed in full Gerudo garb, and tells Link that she frequents the Kara Kara Bazaar General Store. Emri thinks that there is more to the story, but doesn't like to poke around in another persons business.[10]

Products & Prices

Material Icons Quantity Price
Mighty Bananas.png
Palm Fruit.png



  1. ...Ugh, how can they make an old vai work this late? Huh? Oh, vasaaq... - Emri
  2. Trying to cross the desert without using cooling cooking? That seems like a foolish thing to do, if you ask me... And really, what's so amazing about such a hot place, anyway? - Emri
  3. What do you want? Do you still need something from me? - Emri
  4. *sigh* Why do you come here to do that? Hurry it up, would you? - Emri
  5. Are you finished? I wish you would do that somewhere else next time... - Emri
  6. I've got plenty of hydromelons... I bet more than you'll find in Gerudo Town. Why not buy a bunch while you're here? - Emri
  7. Ugh, now I've got to go get more... What a drag... - Emri
  8. Mighty bananas are absolutely loaded with protein and calories, you know. Eating them will fill you with power! They're always up for sale at Kara Kara Bazaar, even though there may not be a ton of them. I've heard about a tribe that only eats mighty bananas. Whenever they're available, the tribe buys all it can. - Nali
  9. Huh? What's the matter? You've got this look on your face that almost screams, "I gotta talk to you right now." - Emri
  10. A suspicious merchant, huh... From my point of view, pretty much any merchant that isn't Gerudo looks suspicious, you realize? Still... Yeah, I can think of someone... That one vai merchant in full Gerudo garb... She frequents the general store a lot. I'm sure there must be more to her story. But what do I know? Plus, I'm not going to poke my nose in another's business. - Emri