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Kohm (Mother)

Frelly is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Frelly is a Gerudo who runs one of the Sand-Seal Rental Shop booths in Gerudo Town. She runs the booth that is at the southeast part of town. Her mother Kohm runs the business and operates the shop at the northwest part of town. Link is able to rent out a Sand Seal for 20 rupees, or if he needs a shield as well, it is 50 rupees.[1][2]

Frelly explains that Sand Seals are native to the Gerudo Desert. She explains that the desert can be quite dangerous to travel on by foot, so she suggests renting a sand seal. She also reiterates how important they are to the Gerudo people.[3] If asked, Frelly will explain how to ride a sand seal, which is fairly simple as the sand-seal while travel in whatever direction Link is facing.[4]

All of the options that Link can respond to Frelly with are plays on the word seal, such as Sealiously or Seal you later. Frelly will question whether this is some kind of slang.[5] Although she herself will say, "seal you another time."[6]


  1. Vasaaq! If you are hoping to cross the vast Gerudo Desert, sand-seal surfing is the way to do it! It's only 20 rupees to rent one! Need a shield, too? Just pay 50 rupees! What do you say? - Frelly
  2. So you do want to ride after all? It's only 20 rupees to rent one! Need a shield, too? Just pay 50 rupees! - Frelly
  3. Sand seals are animals native to the Gerudo Desert Gateway. It's quite dangerous to cross the desert on foot, but if you have a sand seal, you'll breeze right along! Obviously, sand seals are incredibly important to the Gerudo people. - Frelly
  4. Steering a sand seal is really easy-they'll go in whatever direction you want. But! You need a shield to sand-seal surf, so don't forget about that. - Frelly
  5. What? Is that some kind of slang? I wonder if it's just a thing outside Gerudo Town... Anyway. The Gerudo Desert is vast. You'd be wise to take a sand seal if you're traveling beyond town. - Frelly
  6. Seal you another time! Sav'orq! - Frelly