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Frelly (Daughter)

Kohm is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Kohm is a Gerudo who runs one of the Sand-Seal Rental Shop booths in Gerudo Town. She is the owner of the business and runs the booth that is at the northwest part of town. Her daughter Frelly runs the booth at the southeast part of town. If Link already spoke with Frelly and rented a sand seal, Kohm will recognize Link as her daughter had told her about him.[1] Kohm mentions that the business is thriving and that it is very easy to ride a Sand Seal. The particular sand seals they have are all trained and are much easier to handle than a wild one. Just face the right direction and the seal will do the rest.[2]

Link is able to rent out a Sand Seal for 20 rupees, or if he needs a shield as well, it is 50 rupees.[3] If Link doesn't want to rent one, he can respond with "Seal you later!" Much like her daughter, Kohm is confused by the use of the term seal, thinking maybe this is just the way outsiders talk.[4]


  1. Vasaaq! That look... Hmm. You must be the Hylian Frelly was talking about. My name is Kohm-I'm Frelly's mother. We run a shop where we rent out sand seals. If you plan on crossing the desert, you'll need a sand seal! It may seem unlikely, but we're actually a thriving business. And it's so easy for a customer to get the hang of it! All you have to do is just stand on your shield and let the sand seal pull you along! Of course, our sand seals have all been trained. They're much easier to handle than a sand seal you'd find in the wild. If you're in need, just let me know. - Kohm
  2. Once you've caught a sand seal, all you need to do is guide it in the direction you want to go! And the best way to learn is by doing! Good luck! - Kohm
  3. If you're hoping to cross the vast Gerudo Desert, a sand seal is a must have! It's only 20 rupees to rent one! What do you say! - Kohm
  4. What? Is that some kind of slang? I wonder if it's just a thing outside Gerudo Town... Anyway. The Gerudo Desert is vast. You'd be wise to take a sand seal if you're traveling beyond town. - Kohm