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Tour Guide for Seldon's Village Tours




Sophie (Daughter)
Cece (Daughter)

Seldon is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Seldon is a lifelong resident of Hateno Village and serves as a tour guide where he runs Seldon's Village Tours. He can be seen walking around, near the western gate throughout much of the day. He wakes up each morning at 5am and patrols the area all the way until 9pm. At which point he will return home to go to bed.[1] Seldon lives at the Ventest Clothing Boutique, where his daughter Sophie serves as the shopkeeper.

When Link speaks with him, he will offer to give Link a tour of the place.[2][3]

Seldon will walk around to the various locations in town, explaining what their purposes are. He is very excited to show Link around town and will sprint from place to place, at which point he doesn't like being interrupted while he's running.[4][5] He first stops at the East Wind general store, where they have everyday goods.[6] Seldon's second stop is over at the Kochi Dye Shop, where he explain that Link can dye his clothes whatever color he'd like.[7] Next, Seldon will show Link the Ton Pu Inn, where Link can spend the night.[8]

The last stop is at the Ventest Clothing Boutique, where Link can purchase some new attires. Seldon does acknowledge that this is in fact his own store and he encourages Link to buy some new attire before then taking it over to the Kochi Dye Shop to get it dyed.[9] Seldon is exhausted after giving the tour and needs some time to recover.[10]

When it rains during the daytime, Seldon will retreat to the armor shop. However, despite him coming indoors, Link can still speak with him and he'll be willing to give the tour of the town. If during the middle of the tour, the time hits 9pm, Seldon will abandon giving the tour and return home immediately.

Tears of the Kingdom

Seldon lives in Hateno Village, and he's the father of Cece who runs Ventest Clothing Boutique.



  1. That's enough touristry for the day. But don't fret-this village ain't going' anywhere. You can come back tomorrow! Maybe I'll be more awake then... - Seldon
  2. You've got the look of a traveler! Is this your first time in Hateno Village? Will, you're in luck, because you have a lifelong resident to show you around! - Seldon
  3. OK! Let's get you a good ol' fashioned dose of Hateno hospitality! The shop is in my daughter's capable hands these days, so I've got a lot of time on my hands. I thought it might be nice to do a good turn for the village where I was born and raised, so I volunteered as a tour guide. Stick with me, and I'll show you around the best parts of this place. In fact, in just a minute, I'll show you something really special! - Seldon
  4. Can't talk while I'm on the move! Gotta keep my heart rate up! - Seldon
  5. *pant pant* Almost there! Keep it together, keep it together... - Seldon
  6. This is the general store, East Wind. They sell a lot of everyday goods... and even some everyday greats! And now, on with the tour! - Seldon
  7. *pant pant...* This is the Kochi Dye Shop, known for their Hateno dyeing! They'll dye your clothes whatever color you like! And now, on with the tour! - Seldon
  8. *pant pant...* This here is Ton Pu Inn! If you need to sleep overnight, then this is the place! And now, on with the tour! - Seldon
  9. *pant pant...* This is the clothing store, Ventest Clothing! They sell...well, I'm sure you can guess what they sell. To be straight with you, this is actually my store! So come hang out when you've got some time. Stock up here first before heading over to Kochi Dye Shop. Whew... I'm pretty much beat! Let's call this the end of the tour, yah? Just don't have the pep for tour guiding like I used to... - Seldon
  10. Thanks for using Seldon's Village Tours. Our next tour will begin...whenever I get my breath back... - Seldon