The Great Ton Pu Inn

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The Great Ton Pu Inn








The Great Ton Pu Inn, also known as just the Ton Pu Inn, is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Great Ton Pu Inn is a large Inn, located in Hateno Village. It is found at the east side of town, on the north side of the main road. Link can stay in a regular bed for 20 rupees, sleeping until morning, afternoon, or night, which will replenish Link's health. Alternatively, Link can sleep in an extra-soft downy bed for 40 rupees, which will also replenish Link's health, and also give Link a single yellow Temporary Heart.[1]

The Inn is run by Prima, who stands behind the counter 24-hours a day. Link can speak to Prima as a customer by standing across the counter, or he can speak more personally with her by walking around to her side. Link is able to complement Prima on how nice of a place the inn is, in which Prima thanks Link for her kindness.[2] Additionally, as part of the A Gift for My Beloved side quest, Link is able to ask what Prima likes. This is because Manny wants to give Prima a gift, but doesn't know what to get her. Prima is thrown off by the question and on the spot makes up that she likes Restless Crickets and hopes to have a collection of 100 of them someday.[3]

On the main floor of the inn, there is the reception room where Prima stands, there is a room with a pair of beds, and a sitting room that has a fireplace. There is a Pot Lid in this room on the ground and there is also a door that leads to an outside balcony. The second floor of the Inn has three additional beds for people to sleep in.

A number of travelers will stop by at the inn, including Teli, a traveling treasure hunter who deals in Ancient Material. He travels between Fort Hateno and Hateno Village, stopping at the inn to rest. Additionally Worten can be found around the Ton Pu Inn, where during the day he will walk outside to sit on the balcony.

A Gift for My Beloved

Main article: A Gift for My Beloved

After speaking with Manny who stands just outside of The Great Ton Pu Inn, this will begin the A Gift for My Beloved side quest. Link will need to speak with Prima inside the inn to find that she makes up the fact that she likes Restless Crickets. After talking to Manny and giving him this information, Link will be tasked with finding the first 10 Restless Crickets that Manny will eventually give to Prima.


  1. Welcome to Ton Pu Inn. A regular bed is 20 rupees. Or, if you're looking for a more relaxing and restorative mind and body experience... You can have one of our extra-soft downy beds for 40 rupees. - Prima
  2. Oh, thank you for being so kind! If you would like a room, we can work that out...if you could just step to the other side of the counter. - Prima
  3. Why is he asking? Whatever, I'll say something random... I'll tell you something that I really like... Crickets. It's my dream to have my very own collection of 100 restless crickets. As if... - Prima