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Worten is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Worten is a traveler who likes to talk about all the places that he has been.[1] He can often be found at The Great Ton Pu Inn over in Hateno Village. Worten will talk about his adventure to Goron City, although he never quite made it there as it was burning hot and he had to turn back.[2] He also talks about his adventure to Gerudo Town, but before he was able to enter, he was turned away by the guard.[3] Worten found out after that only women are allowed in and he hints that he could have gotten in if he had dressed up as a woman.

Despite talking about his adventures to other towns, he has never made it to any of the towns. He also mentions Rito Village, but states that it is so far away. He also talks about Zora's Domain, but the road to get there is so dangerous.[4]

Worten can be found upstairs at the Ton Pu Inn, sitting on the chair in the evening before going to bed at 9pm. He wakes up at 5am and will head outside on the balcony of the Ton Pu Inn to have a drink. He remains outside until around 2pm before then heading upstairs to sit down at this chair. The timing for Worten is off at times, as he often gets tripped up by the stairs and walks in a circle, sometimes never making it to his destination. Other times he can be found out on the balcony in the evening hours before bed.

Tears of the Kingdom

Worten still resides in Hateno Village where he lives with his wife, Prima.


  1. Wanna hear about all the places I've been to? - Worten
  2. Goron City is way north of Hateno Village out in the Eldin region. So hot there, it burns me just thinking about it! I had to turn back. I didn't actually make it all the way to Goron City. - Worten
  3. Gerudo Town is west of Hateno Village way out in the Gerudo Desert. Right when I was about to make my way into Gerudo Town, the gatekeeper drove me off... Wasn't until later that I heard they only let women in there! Now, had I known that beforehand, I wouldn't have trekked all the way across that stinking wasteland of a desert! But now I'm here wondering if I could've actually gotten in there if I'd fooled them into thinking I belonged... - Worten
  4. Other places? Well, if you've got a taste for adventure, you don't want to miss out on Zora's Domain and Rito Village. The road to Zora's Domain is dangerous, though. And Rito Village is way far away. Neither are easy places to get to. - Worten