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Worten (Husband)

Prima is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Prima is a resident of Hateno Village where she works as the owner of The Great Ton Pu Inn. She spends the entire day, working behind the counter as the Ton Pu Inn remains upon 24-hours a day. Link can get a regular bed for 20 rupees or an extra-soft downy bed for 40 rupees. Both will restore Link's health, with the extra-soft bed giving Link a bonus heart.[1]

Link can chat with Prima as a customer across the counter, but if he walks to the side of the counter, he can chat more personally with her. Link can mention how nice of a place the inn is, at which point, Prima is thankful for his kindness.[2] Link is also able to ask Prima what kind of things she likes, which is part of the A Gift for My Beloved Side Quest.

A Gift for My Beloved

Main article: A Gift for My Beloved

Just outside the inn during the daytime, Manny can be seen, leaning on the donkey stable and watching strangers walk by. If Link chats with Manny, he will find that he is romantically interested in Prima and wants to get her something, but has no idea what to get.[3]

Link will need to talk to Prima inside of the inn. However, if Link talks to Prima from across the counter, it will be as if he's a customer. Instead, walk around to the side of the counter and talk to Prima more closely. If Link asks she what likes, Prima seems a bit thrown off by the question, wondering why Link is even asking. On the spot she makes up that she really likes crickets and hopes to one day have a collection of 100 restless crickets.[4]

Link is then able to return to Manny and tell him the news that Prima likes crickets. After helping Manny by giving him 10 crickets, this will complete the side quest. Manny still needs to find some additional crickets to give to Prima, but none of this takes place during the game.

Tears of the Kingdom

Prima still runs the Ton Pu Inn in Hateno Village, where she lives with her new husband, Worten. She is a dedicated follower of Cece-brand fashion, a source of conflict with her husband, who could hardly care less.


  1. Welcome to Ton Pu Inn. A regular bed is 20 rupees. Or, if you're looking for a more relaxing and restorative mind and body experience... You can have one of our extra-soft downy beds for 40 rupees. - Prima
  2. Oh, thank you for being so kind! If you would like a room, we can work that out...if you could just step to the other side of the counter. - Prima
  3. *sigh* If you're lucky enough to stay at the Ton Pu Inn, you'll see what I mean. Say hullo to Prima for me if you do. Not that she even knows who I am... This is tough... I have to give her SOMETHING... What kind of gift do you think Prima at the Ton Pu Inn would want? Just take a guess. It's not for me, you understand. It's buddy's friend. - Manny
  4. Why is he asking? Whatever, I'll say something random... I'll tell you something that I really like... Crickets. It's my dream to have my very own collection of 100 restless crickets. As if... - Prima