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Prima (Love Interest)

Manny is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Manny is a resident of Hateno Village, where he lives in the house directly across from the Kochi Dye Shop. Each morning at 5am, Manny will walk over to The Great Ton Pu Inn, where he stands outside, just checking out people that are walking by.[1][2] He does seem a bit agitated if Link is not staying at the Ton Pu Inn.[3]

Manny is a bit of romantic, but is shy about it. While he's checking out visitors and strangers that come into town, he always has his eyes on any beauties that wander into town.[4] In particular though, Manny has a crush on Prima from the Ton Pu Inn, but he doesn't even know if Prima knows who he is.

Manny does have some knowledge about the outside world and is aware of Princess Zelda. He states that even Zelda could give Prima a run for beauty.[5] Manny knows of the story of how Zelda got swallowed up by the Great Calamity 100 years ago and that the peace that is over Hateno Village is completely owed to her.[6][7]

Each evening at 9pm, Manny will return home. Despite this, he never actually goes inside. He simply stands outside of his front door, looking out at people that wander by. Manny stays awake 24-hours a day and will never sleep in his bed.[8]

A Gift for My Beloved

Main article: A Gift for My Beloved

When talking to Manny, he will profess that he has a romantic interest in Prima, but he seems a bit nervous about making the introduction. He wants to get a special gift for Prima, but has no idea what that gift should be.[9]

When talking to Prima and asking what she likes, she seems thrown off by the question. She makes up the fact that she likes Restless Crickets and wants to have a collection of 100 crickets.[10]

Link can then return to Manny and give him the news that Prima likes Restless Crickets.[11] After giving him the news, Manny asks Link to help him by find the first 10 Restless Crickets.[12]

After collecting 10 crickets, Link can return to Manny and show them to him.[13] As a reward for helping him out, Manny will give Link a Silver Rupee.[14][15]


  1. Checking' everyone out today, too. The checkin' just never stops... Ever stayed at the Ton Pu Inn? - Manny
  2. I'm supposed to check out everyone who comes into town. - Manny
  3. If you're not staying there, then... - Manny
  4. Thought so. I know things have been peaceful recently, but the outside world is still pretty dangerous, yeah? So I gotta check and make sure if any beauties-er, I mean-suspicious folks have come around here. - Manny
  5. Just checking out the beauties-er, I mean tourists-er, I mean-suspicious folk! That's what I'm doing! Well...if we're gonna talk about beauties, though, no one can hold a candle to Prima, y'know? They say the princess of Hyrule Castle who lived 100 years ago was super pretty, too. Maybe she coulda given Prima a run for her beauty, but that's the level we're talkin' about here. - Manny
  6. Really?! Are you serious? The princess of Hyrule Castle who got swallowed up by the Great Calamity! That's the only reason we got peace here now. We really owe that princess. - Manny
  7. The Great Calamity was that awful thing from 100 years ago! You been asleep inside a cave or somethin'?! Some people will say it was some kind of serpent. Others say it was like some kind of black fog or something. I didn't see it myself, so I don't really know. But the old timers around here might know more about it.. - Manny
  8. Night or day, don't matter. Gotta check everyone out... - Manny
  9. *sigh* If you're lucky enough to stay at the Ton Pu Inn, you'll see what I mean. Say hullo to Prima for me if you do. Not that she even knows who I am... This is tough... I have to give her SOMETHING... What kind of gift do you think Prima at the Ton Pu Inn would want? Just take a guess. It's not for me, you understand. It's buddy's friend. - Manny
  10. Why is he asking? Whatever, I'll say something random... I'll tell you something that I really like... Crickets. It's my dream to have my very own collection of 100 restless crickets. As if... - Prima
  11. What? Prima told you what she wants?! Prima...never even talks to me... *ahem* I mean, that's cool, that's cool... SO THEN, WHAT IS IT?! - Manny
  12. Prima wants restless crickets? And 100 of them?! Hahaha! What a small world! I love restless crickets! I'm a connoisseur of them! I think that's what that word means... But catching 100 of them is gonna be tough. Think you could help me get started on those? How about you get me... 10 of them? I'll get you something nice for your trouble. - Manny
  13. You have some restless crickets already?! Wow, that was fast! I haven't even caught one yet... Well, lemme see those restless crickets you caught! - Manny
  14. You really got them? I thought you were messing with me. OK, so... Hrm... Yup, that's 10. Thanks, I'll take 'em. A little something' for your troubles... - Manny
  15. Right then! I'll go ahead and catch the rest of 'em. Then I'll take 'em to Prima and we'll have that d-d-date... Oh, no! My s-s-s-stutter... - Manny