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Pruce (Father)
Amira (Mother)
Azu (Brother)

Ivee is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Ivee is a resident of Hateno Village where she lives with her father Pruce, mother Amira, and brother Azu. The family owns the General Store, the East Wind, and they sleep in the beds located in the stores second story. Unlike Ivee's mother Amira, Ivee is always very cheerful. She wakes up at 5am each morning and spends the entirety of the day, standing just outside of the East Wind general store. She has a broom in her hand and is always keeping the entrance very clean.[1]

Ivee will always talk about the weather with Link and is excited when it is a nice day.[2] Although even when it is dreary outside, she maintains a positive outlook and encourages Link to check out the items inside the store.[3]

Ivee does get a bit flustered when Link asks anything directly about her, but still is happy to meet him.[4] Even when Link repeatedly asks about who she is, she'll continuously introduce herself.[5]

In the evening after 9pm, Ivee will head to the second floor of the general store, where there are three beds. She will sleep right alongside her mother Amira and her brother Azu. Despite her leaving her post at 9pm, Link can still talk to her while she is on her way upstairs. She will tell Link that they can talk later and that despite her heading off to bed, the general store remains open and encourages Link to look around.[6][7]

Ivee's Diary

Main article: Ivee's Diary

Upstairs next to Ivee's Diary, which consists of Ivee's Recipe Book. Within the book, she has three recipes, which include the ingredients to hook a Mushroom Risotto, Poultry Pilaf, and Egg Pudding.

Tears of the Kingdom

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  1. This is the general store, East Wind! We're open and we are PEPPY! We carry all sorts of goods-from the freshest produce to my father's handmade arrows! We have lots of things in stock, so pop your head in there and take a look! - Ivee
  2. What great weather! The East Wind general store is open... and it's just as lively inside there as it is out here! Go take a look! - Ivee
  3. Hullo! Kinda dreary weather today... But general-store extraordinaire East Wind is open and extra lively! Go take a look! - Ivee
  4. M-me? I'm...Ivee. My name is Ivee! Pleased to meet your... No, wait. Pleased to MAKE your...acquaintance? Anyway, nice to meet you! - Ivee
  5. Oh, OK, sure! I'll introduce myself as many times as it takes! I'm...Ivee. My name is Ivee! Pleased... Uh, I am very pleased to make your acquaintance! Yesss! I said it right! - Ivee
  6. I gotta grab some sleep! We can talk later if we need to. - Ivee
  7. I'm off to bed, but the shop's still open if you wanna take a look around. - Ivee