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Breath of the Wild
Tabantha Bridge Stable
Tears of the Kingdom
First Gatehouse

Toren is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Toren can be found at the Tabantha Bridge Stable. He has strong desire to meet the Great Fairy that is located to the west, near the Tabantha Tower. Toren thinks that the Greay Fairy is kind and beautiful, and just perfect.[1]

At 5am each morning Toren will walk outside of the stable where he will stand by the Cooking Pot. Toren remains out there until 10pm each evening, where he will then head back to the stable and sit on the stool for the rest of the night.

Whenever it rains, Toren will take cover within the stable. On rainy days, he stays inside and spends the whole day thinking about the Great Fairy.[2]

A Gift for the Great Fairy

Main article: A Gift for the Great Fairy

When Link first talks to Toren, he talks about wanting to travel to the Tabantha Tower, as from there, he'd be able to see where the Great Fairy is located.[3] However, he doesn't think he can climb the tower himself. So instead, Toren will task Link with traveling there for him. Toren will give Link the rupees needed in order to present to the Great Fairy as an offering.[4]

Toren suggests to Link that sometime in the afternoon, the shadow of the tower will point to the Great Fairy's fountain.[5]

After reaching the Fairy Fountain and giving the rupee offering to the Great Fairy Kaysa, Link can return to the stable to speak with Toren. Toren is delighted that Link was able to find the Great Fairy and give the offering, which because Toren gave Link the rupees, he technically got to make his offering.[6] [7] Although Toren gets a bit upset when he realizes that Link wants an additional reward, which Toren does not give.[8]

Tears of the Kingdom

Toren is part of the search party, tasked with finding Princess Zelda. Early on, he can be found on the First Gatehouse alongside Captain Hoz. When Link approaches, Toren will see Zelda in the distance. Although after appearing briefly, Zelda will float up, turn into light, and fly away. This causes Toren and Hoz to be confused, but they then pull back the search party.



  1. The Great Fairy... I bet she's kind and beautiful and just perfect... - Toren
  2. So rainy... I like it! On days like this, I take cover and spend the whole day thinking about the Great Fairy! - Toren
  3. Ahh... Great Fairy... Oh, pardon me... I was lost in thought. You've heard of the Great Fairy, right? The one from all those stories? Well, they're not just stories! I believe the Great Fairy is real! And I'm on a journey to find her. There's a tower just beyond the Tabantha Great Bridge. They say that if you go to the top and look at the ground sometime in the afternoon... The tower's shadow will point to the Great Fairy's fountain! After hearing that legend, I decided to find out for myself. But now I'm stuck here at this stable because... Well... No matter how hard I try, I just know I'll never be able to climb that tower. And to think, I even saved up all my rupees as an offering for the Great Fairy. But you... You look like you could climb that tower without breaking a sweat! Would you be willing to make an offering of rupees to the Great Fairy on my behalf? - Toren
  4. Oh, thank you! Here, take the 500 rupees I saved up. It's my life savings! So please don't just go running off with it, OK? - Toren
  5. The shadow of the tower just beyond the Tabantha Great Bridge will point to the Great Fairy's fountain in the afternoon. That's all the information the rumor has to offer. I'm counting on you to make an offering to the Great Fairy! - Toren
  6. Hey, it's you! Did you give the Great Fairy an offering? - Toren
  7. All right! Thank you! Looks like asking you was a good call after all. So that means you met the Great Fairy, huh? Man, I'm so jealous... But hey, at least you got to meet her! And that means, technically, I got to make my offering to the Great Fairy! I can't thank you enough! - Toren
  8. Huh? Um, no, I don't think so... Wait, what? You aren't trying to tell me you want a reward, are you? You got to see the Great Fairy thanks to my tip, didn't you? And now you're asking for more?! Ahh, Great Fairy... Even if it's just in my dreams, won't you appear before me? - Toren