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This article is about the frog-like Wind God from Phantom Hourglass. For the frog-like Wind God from The Wind Waker, see Cyclos.
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Golden Chief Cylos





Golden Chief Cylos is a character in Phantom Hourglass. He is a golden bullfrog who resides on the Uncharted Island and is the leader of the Golden Frogs.

In order to reach the secret cave where he resides, Link must hit the Gossip Stones on the island in the correct order. He is a good friend of the Ocean King and is willing to help Link on his quest.

Cylos gives Link the Cyclone Slate, which allows Link to warp to different locations throughout the Great Sea. Six Golden Frogs can be found after Link has spoken to Cylos out in the Great Sea. Link can hit the Golden Frogs with a Cannon to let them give Link their warp sign. If Link hits a Golden Frog before meeting Cylos, it just swims away.

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