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Freedle is a laid-back character from Phantom Hourglass. He can be found strumming his guitar in the northeast portion of Mercay Island. He gladly offers his assistance in trading items, specifically Ship Parts and Treasure,[1][2][3][4] with other players in Tag Mode through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.[5]


  1. "?Hey, there!? What a gift to meet you! My name is Freedle. I'm but a humble singer who travels the world over with guitar in hand! In honor of our meeting, how about a song? Just a little ditty about a whimsy! It's called "Magic Box"! ?It's a box full of magic!? ?Put in parts! Or treasure! After a time, look inside! And see a surprise!? ?Truly peculiar! From one hand to another! Magical box, indeed!? ?Glorious exchange! Magical box, find out what's inside!? Ta-da!" — Freedle, Phantom Hourglass.
  2. "Yes, indeed! 'Tis the truth about these magical boxes! Put in the ship parts and treasures you don't want." — Freedle, Phantom Hourglass.
  3. "Find out! Give it a try! Place unwanted ship parts and treasures inside." — Freedle, Phantom Hourglass.
  4. "Hey! Kid! ?Put your treasures and parts inside one of these magical boxes!?" — Freedle, Phantom Hourglass.
  5. "?You'll exchange them with other players that you connect to.? ?No matter if it is through Tag Mode or Battle Mode!? ?Oh, what could be in the magical box??" — Freedle, Phantom Hourglass.