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Hintobo is one of the Anouki who lives on the Isle of Frost in Phantom Hourglass.


To access the Great Ice Field - and from there the Temple of Ice - Link must first find out which of the Anouki living in the Anouki Estates is actually a Yook in disguise. Yook always lie, while Anouki never do, therefore Link must find out who of the villagers lies. To do so he must talk to each of the six villagers, who will tell him their opinion about someone's truthfulness or falsehood. Hintobo walks around in the village, not being in any house. When you talk to him, he says:

"I am Hintobo. I hear things. I know people. I can give you a hint. But it will not come cheap. Give me 100 rupees."

If Link accepts, he will tell the hero that people who say someone else says the truth are saying the truth themselves; because otherwise there would be two liars. Note that the logic assumes that the Anouki can be sure if someone is telling the truth. Using this hint, it can be easier to figure out who is the liar, however, since if Link makes a false accusation all you have to do is speak with the Island Chief to try again, and there are only six houses, even no logic reasoning at all will bring him to the middle house from the top row pretty quickly. After figuring out all there is to be done, the hero must go and speak with the Island Chief, who will unblock the path to the Great Ice Field.

The Anouki who was living in the house the disguised Yook took over will only be freed after Link completes the Temple of Ice.