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Maronie (mother)
Old Wayfarer (father)

Romanos is a character from Phantom Hourglass. He resides on Molida Island with his mother, Maronie. Romanos' father, the Old Wayfarer, left him and his mother to go exploring and looking for adventure and the romance of the seas. Romanos, unlike his mother, has been unable to forgive his father for this.[1]

When Link first encounters Romanos and asks him about the whereabouts of his father, Romanos gets infuriated and demands Link to leave his house. When Link is about to exit his house, Romanos has a change of mind and insists Link to come back. Romanos then willingly gives Link hints about his father's hideout found in a cave behind his house.[2][3][4]

After completing the Temple of Courage, Romanos opens a Shooting Gallery which Link can participate in for 20 Rupees.[5]

Romanos has repeatedly said in the past that his father was a failure, but when anyone talks about anything that has to do with him, he gets upset because of the momentos of him.


  1. "What?! You want to sail to the island up in the Northwestern Sea?! My husband...called that place the Isle of Gust. He used to talk about how he had visited that island. My husband...was once content to be a fisherman, until he left this place. He sought uncharted lands. At least that's what he said when he finally left. He refused to work, instead ruining his boat by braving the northern fog repeatedly! The last time we saw him was over a year ago... My son Romanos, who's at home right now, might know a little more. But that boy hasn't worked in a long time either. He's peeved at his dad, I think. He might get upset if you mention the Isle of Gust..." — Romanos' Mom, Phantom Hourglass.
  2. "Sorry to unload all that on you, kid. It's just that my dad used to say lots about going his own way to explore. And I got fed up with him. My dad used to talk about getting through the fog and seeing the Isle of Gust. He said something about a specific route for getting through the foggy passage. But only he knew which way to go..." — Romanos, Phantom Hourglass.
  3. "WAIT, KID! COME BACK!" — Romanos, Phantom Hourglass.
  4. "There's a cave behind our house where my dad used to escape all the time. He called it his hideaway. You might find more details in there... But it's dangerous in there, so take care of yourself, kid!" — Romanos, Phantom Hourglass.
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