Thrill Digger

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Thrill Digger
Thrill Digger Beginner - Skyward Sword Wii.png
Beginner level





30, 50, or 70 Rupees



Thrill Digger[1] is a Mini-Game from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It can be played in a cave on the side of Eldin Volcano, where Link must roll a bomb towards the rocks that block the cave in order to enter it. The cave also has a type of rock that can be targeted with the slingshot in order to obtain blue or green Rupees. It is a game that is very similar to Minesweeper where Link must dig up rupees with the Digging Mitts while avoiding bombs. The game does have a time limit, although it is not usually met before a bomb is dug up. The game has three levels which are beginner, intermediate, and expert. The harder levels have a higher cost and are bigger but they contain more bombs.

The beginner level costs 30 Rupees to play and consists of 20 spaces in a 5 x 4 grid, 4 of which are the locations of bombs. The grid mostly contains a certain number of green and blue Rupees, although there is a small chance of finding a red Rupee. The intermediate level costs 50 rupees to play and consists of a 6 x 5 grid. Four of the spots in this grid are Rupoors and four are bombs. Rupoors are objects that look like charcoal and deplete Link's Rupee count by 10 Rupees. This grid mostly contains blue and red Rupees, although it is possible to find a green or silver Rupee on occasion. The expert level costs 70 rupees and consists of an 8 x 5 grid. Eight of the spots in this grid are Rupoors and eight are bombs. Red Rupees are the ones most often encountered in this level, although it is possible to find green, blue, silver, or gold Rupees.

The game ends once all the Rupees are found or a bomb is dug up. If a bomb is dug up, Link takes damage. Any rupees that are dug up are added to Link's wallet and if all the Rupees are dug up, Link also obtains a rare treasure. If Link runs low on health due to bombs, there is a seat nearby where he can regain the hearts he lost. He can also talk to the Mogma who runs the mini-game, who is named Mr. Tubert[2].


  1. "Do you like money? How about explosions? Well, dig up some Rupees before you hit a bomb in a suspenseful game of Thrill Digger! Want to try it?
    Beginner! :Intermediate! :Expert! :No, thanks." — Mr. Tubert, Skyward Sword.
  2. "The name's Tubert. Nice to meet you! I run this little game I like to call Thrill Digger!" — Mr. Tubert, Skyward Sword.