Horseback Archery

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This article is about the minigame in Ocarina of Time. For the minigame in Breath of the Wild, see Horseback Archery Drill.
Horseback Archery
Horseback Archery - OOT3D.jpg
Horseback Archery in Ocarina of Time 3D





20 Rupees


Shoot the targets to get points



"Hey, newcomer! This is our horseback archery field. After a lot of hard practice and training, we finally have the skill to hit the bull's-eye while riding like the wind! When you finally learn how to ride a horse, you should come back and try it. It's a dangerous sport, but it's fun!"

— Gerudo Master of Horseback Archery

The Horseback Archery is a mini-game in Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina of Time

Once Link has freed the Carpenters from the Gerudo's Fortress and received the Gerudo Token from the Gerudo Warrior, the Horseback Archery Range can be accessed. The game is run by the Gerudo Master, a skilled Gerudo archer who holds the highest record. If Link has Epona, she will let him participate in the game for 20 Rupees.

The game is a "rail shooter", where Epona follows a pre-determined path with no input from the player, who must focus on shooting the targets. The objective of the game is to get points by shooting the targets using a maximum of 20 arrows before the end of the course. The game ends when Link runs out of arrows or Epona reaches the end of her path, whichever comes first. Scoring is as follows:

  • Target center: 100 points
  • Target inner ring: 60 points
  • Target outer ring: 30 points
  • Broken jar: 100 points

If Link scores at least 1,000 points, he will be awarded a Piece of Heart. If Link beats the Gerudo Master's personal record of 1,500 points, he will be awarded a Quiver upgrade. There is no secondary reward (e.g., rupees) for matching either of these records a second time. The best score in the current save file can be seen on the message board in Link's House.



  • In v1.0 of the Nintendo of America English translation, the dialogue for the 1000 and 1500 point rewards was reversed, describing the player as the "ultimate master" when obtaining the lower reward. This was fixed in v1.1 and all Nintendo of Europe versions.