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Nintendo of Europe is a smaller branch off of the Nintendo company, originating in Japan. Nintendo of Europe specifically serves the European countries where Nintendo consoles and games are sold. Nintendo of Europe has its office located in Germany. Nintendo of Europe has its own website where its European customers can find additional info on consoles, games and other Nintendo information. Also, on the Nintendo of Europe website, customers can access the official store where purchases can be made. The Nintendo of Europe website offers a variety of language options to accommodate to the many European cultures that enjoy Nintendo games. Additionally, Europeans can go to the Nintendo of Europe website for support. The contact info on the Nintendo of Europe website differs from contact info on other continents such as America and Japan.

The games regulated by Nintendo of Europe may have minor differences from the same games sold on other continents. These differences could be as small as translating the game into another language or there could be differences in actual game play based on the country the customer resides in.