Arrghus (A Link to the Past)

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This article is about the boss of the Swamp Palace in A Link to the Past. For similar bosses, see Arrghus (Disambiguation).
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Arrghus is the Boss of the Swamp Palace, the second Dungeon of the Dark World in A Link to the Past.[1] Arrghus also appears as a boss in the Palace of the Four Sword, exclusively in the Game Boy Advance release of A Link to the Past.

Boss Strategy

Arrghus' body is protected by small Arrgi that float around its body. Link must use the Hookshot to pull the Arrgi away from the boss and attack them with his sword. He must repeat this process until all Arrgi have been defeated. During the second phase, Arrghus jumps into the air and off from the visible area of the screen. Upon landing, the water splashed damages Link if he comes into contact with it. After landing, Arrghus moves around the room, being vulnerable to Link's attacks. Once Link has defeated Arrghus, he is rewarded with a Heart Container and the Second Crystal.

During the boss battle in the Palace of the Four Sword, Arrghus has electrified Green Bari that will surround him. The boss battle is fundamentally still the same, expect both the Green Bari and Arrghus himself have much more health.