Temple of Fire

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This article is about the first dungeon in Phantom Hourglass. For other uses, see Fire Temple (Disambiguation).
Temple of Fire
Entrance to the dungeon







The Temple of Fire is the first dungeon found in Phantom Hourglass, located on the Isle of Ember. The dungeon item is the Boomerang and the dungeon boss is Blaaz.


After Link has arrived at the Temple of Fire, he first will need to free Astrid, the resident Fortune Teller on the island. In order to do so, he'll first need to locate the ghost of Kayo, Astrid's assistant. Kayo will give Link a clue, on how to open the door and free Astrid. After doing so, Astrid will tell Link his fortune and this will grant Link access to the higher elevations of the Island.

After navigating around the active volcano, Link will come to the sealed entrance of the Temple of Fire. Link must blow out the two candles on the sides of the door, in order to cause it to open up.


As its name suggests, the dungeon is themed around fire, with many of the enemies relating to the fire element, such as the Fire Bubble, Fire Keese, Face Lamp, and Guruguru Bars. Early in the dungeon, many of the rooms are based around simplistic sword combat with Gel, Red ChuChu, and Keese. After Link acquires the dungeon item, the Boomerang, there are a significant number of puzzles, revolving around the dungeon item. These often require Link to trace a path for the Boomering, hitting switches and targets, sometimes in a specific order.

Blaaz, Master of Fire

Main article: Blaaz

Blaaz serves as the dungeon boss. Blaaz will split into three smaller enemies, and while they appear to be identical, the bottom screen will indicate that each of these small creates have a different number of horns. Link will need to use the Boomerang, targeting the enemies in ascending order. Doing so causes them to merge into Blaaz's true form, making him vulnerable to Link's sword attacks.

After defeating Blaaz, Link will earn a Heart Container and will rescue Leaf, the Spirit of Power.