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The Isle of Ember is a location from Phantom Hourglass. It is a volcanic island and the second venue Link visits in the game. Link first arrives at the Isle of Ember to find the fortune teller, Astrid, trapped in the basement of her house. On the east side of the island is the corpse and spirit of Astrid's friend, Kayo. Kayo tells Link that he must find the three torches on the island in order to open the door imprisoning Astrid.

The fiery mountain, inhabited by many Tektites, holds the entrance to the first full dungeon Link must visit, the Temple of Fire. It is there that Link will find the Boomerang, as well as the Spirit of Power.


The Isle of Ember can be found in the southeastern corner of the Southwestern Sea. It is one of the first islands Link will travel to on his journey. Its port is located on the western edge of the island.


Being a volcano, the Isle of Ember is made up of several layers of elevation. These five layers feature decreasingly lush soil and more hostile enemies and conditions leading up to the crater, which cannot be directly accessed. Before Blaaz is beaten, volcanic rocks are thrown across the highest three layers.

A stone path leads from the port to the various houses of the island, as well as a Postbox.

In the northwest of the island lies a small islet, which is reachable via the Grappling Hook. On it, a treasure chest containing a Courage Gem can be found.


The Fortune-Teller[1] is located on the western side of the second layer of the island. The house acts as Astrid's residence. It can be accessed via a staircase next to the stone path. It is larger than the other houses on the island and features crystal ball-like decorations over its entrance.

The inside is decorated in a mystical style. A table with a crystal ball and several other seemingly mystical items is found in the center of the room. In addition to various hints throughout his journey, Link may also acquire a Power Gem and Wisdom Gem from Astrid by talking to her after rescuing the Spirit of Power and Spirit of Wisdom respectively.

A staircase leads to the basement. The basement is a large room, which, upon first entry, is filled with Octoroks. Two spots can be found on the floor, which yield a Red Rupee and a Treasure Map[2] if dug up. A smaller room with a bookshelf can be accessed through a door. Astrid was originally sealed in this room in order to hide from the monsters.[3] The only way to open this door is by marking the location of the island's three torches on the map next to it.

Kayo's House

Kayo's House can be reached by following the stone path further east. It is sparsely furnished, of note being one of the three torches required to free Astrid, as well as Kayo's journal on top of a table. In his journal, Kayo instructs whomever reads it to follow him eastward to take up his duty.[4]

Coastline House

Located directly next to the port is a seemingly uninhabited house. Few pieces of furniture are found inside. The purpose of this house is unknown.

Summit Path

Following a wooden bridge past the end of the stone path lies the entrance to the Summit Path. The gate has a seal placed on it, which electrifies anyone who touches it. To gain access, one has to ask Astrid to lift the seal.[5][6][7] There are several staircases that lead all the way to the fourth layer of the volcano. Dotted throughout are lone patches of grass, which yield Recovery Hearts. Buried under one of these patches, on the east side of the third layer, lies a Treasure Map.[8] The fourth layer holds a treasure chest with a red rupee inside of it.

Temple of Fire

Main article: Temple of Fire

The Temple of Fire is found on the third layer of the island. Link needs to blow out the candles in front of the temple to gain access.


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